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At ethos360 we do more than just fitness.  We train the overall body and the mind and not only incorporate nutritional advice and counseling, but we firmly and soundly believe in building character through fitness.​  Our trainers work with each individual to establish reachable goals, and not only develop programs to achieve those goals but also provide the one-on-one direction and support to guide our atheletes along the path to exceeding those goals.


Our one-on-one fitness and nutrition programs are customized for individuals looking to improve their overall health and lifestyle. Our programs target muscle strength, flexibility and optimal nutrition, a combination that can achieve far better results than just training or nutrition alone.  We provide tailored strength and cardio workout sessions along with nutrition counseling, and motivational techniques geared toward the success of each participant from beginner to advanced athlete. This is the foundation of what we believe in... what we do... and who we are...


 Small Group personal training at ethos360 combines cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility in a variety of circuits that will have you moving in a way that incorporates fun but with a serious focus on achieving YOUR goals.  Our regular clients welcome newcomers with wide smiles, encouraging words, and inspirational stories.  Whether you're a beginner or seasoned athlete at ethos360 there is a group for you.  Join us and see.

Group sessions begin as early as 4:00 a.m. 


high school strength & conditioning:




Middle School strength training:






 We believe that proper diet and nutrition are just as important  as proper exercise techniques and routines.   A combination of strength training and optimal nutrition can achieve far better results than either strength training or proper nutrition alone.  ethos360 has a 12 week nutrition program designed for you!


ethos360 offers speed and agility training designed for  middle school athletes. Whether you play football, soccer, basketball, or any other sport, speed and agility training will improve your performance.

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