At ethos360 our primary belief is centered on building character through fitness. We believe that there are parallels to be drawn from having an active healthy lifestyle. Everyone is an athlete. We were all born to be active, born to be strong, born to have the freedoms that being healthy gives you. There is nothing that can stop you.... but you. Let's go!!!


It's time to say good bye to the old you and hello to the new you! Welcome to the area's premiere fitness community! We at ethos360 have something for everyone and will be there every step of the way to assist and guide you on your fitness journey. At ethos360 you are a person with a story - a story we know.  Our team of coaches will know your goals, answer any questions you have , and help you reach those goals.  Our goal is to provide our members programmed workouts to deliver results every single time.


Starting to work out is never easy and neither is staying fit without getting bored... and that's where we cross paths. To say that we can help is a serious understatement.  We're there with you  every step, every lift, every push  and every pull...  and we won't stop until you've met your goal.


Good atmosphere, great workouts, and good music make for fantastic results and an even better time!  And there's no time like the present, so come in and join the fun!  We promise you'll love it!




1055 West Orchard Road

North Aurora, Illinois 60542


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