Infrared laser treatment for recovery and pain




  • pain management

  • reduce inflammation

  • enhance tissue healing - both in hard and soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, or even bones.

Everyone is an athlete.  Sometimes when we are so busy we don't realize that the body is breaking down until it's too late.  ethos360 is proud to offer recovery treatments for everyone 8 years old and up.  All recovery plans are put together on a case by case scenario and will cut your recovery time in half and get you back to that active lifestyle or playing field.  Geared for the middle schooler, high schooler, collegiate, pro and especially mom and dad.  We use a variety of techniques utilizing a Functional Movement Screen to pinpoint the issue and decrease the chance of it coming back. 



     ****  tired 

     ****  fatigue              

     ****  achy joints                 

     ****  prolonged sore muscles


Recovery Services can improve:

     ****  muscle sprain/strain

     ****  ankle sprains

     ****  muscle fatigue

     ****  edema (muscle swelling)

     ****  bruising

     ****  increase performance


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